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Music Videos

Directed and Edited by Andrew Hall

"Middle Finger" by Ballyhoo!

Genre: Reggae Rock

"Complaints & Complacency" by Roc Writah

Genre: Rap

"Baltimore" by Electric Prophets

Genre: Punk Rock

"Fake Smile" by Snydey

Genre: Rap

"Woke Up" by Ben DeHan

Genre: Alt Rock

"My Own Way" by The Harbor Boys

Genre: Reggae

"Treat Yoself" by Yutzi

Genre: Jam Band / Rock and Roll

"Live Through This" by Ballyhoo!

Genre: Ska Rock

"Oxon Hill" by Ben DeHan

Genre: Alt Rock

"I'm Not Afraid" by Pat Renny

Genre: Pop / Ballad

"Groove Me Wrong" by The Henchmen

Genre: Funk Rock

"Thanks for Sharing" by Snydey

Genre: Rap

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